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wonderland drive
wonderland drive

I had a dream the other night about how we only get one life. Woke me up right after two, stayed awake and stared at you so I wouldn’t lose my mind. And I had the week that came from hell, and yes I know that you can tell. But you’re like the net under the ledge, when I go flying off the edge you go flying off as well.

I love you more on the hardest of days.
On the days where you seem to hate me, and the days where I don’t want to be in the same room as you but can’t bear the thought of being too far away.
I love you more on the mornings after those days, where your hugs are greater, and I’m reminded that everything will pass and we will only be stronger for it.

Thank you for the late nights, and the early mornings. Thank you for singing along to countless songs, and making up wonderful lyrics which leave me in stitches. Thank you for expensive hot chocolates, and for hating mint ice cream so I get to have it all. Thank you for talking to me at all hours of the morning until I am satisfied enough to sleep. Thank you for always fixing boy problems, and for always filling my car battery with water when I forget. Thank you for calling me princess a thousand times a day, especially on the days where I don’t feel so much like one. Thank you for coming on adventures with me, and for that time you flew 12,735 kilometres to be a snow bunny with me in a country you didn’t know. Thank you for being a hot mess with me in Fiji, and for never letting me fall off the back of a jet ski. Thank you for always making me laugh when I want to be angry at you, and for always being a person I appreciate. Thank you for loving me for two years straight, and for being the person I want to spend my life with. 

The best things you’ve said to me this weekend.

Friday: “You’re going to be a fantastic mother.”
Saturday: “I’m sorry for being a dickhead, and I’m sorry to my missus because she has to deal with this all the time.”
Sunday: “I love you so much.”

You help me be the best me I can be.
And that’s one of my favourite things about us.

Six hundred and sixty four days later.
This evening I stumbled across your bow mouth. That was a look I’ve never seen on you before. It puzzled and surprised me that after all this time, you can still catch me off guard; without even meaning to. 

I look at you sometimes and wonder what the next big mile will have in store for us. I can’t wait to see if future babies will have your freckles underneath their left eyes; my blue eyes; your chicken legs; or my bad eyesight. I want to know how much creative control you’ll give me over our future house, but I know that I want to be able to see elements of you everywhere. 

I’m so proud of you. Everyday. For the big things; and everything that comes in between. 

Note: I’ve never loved anyone as much as I adore you.

There is no one in this world who makes me prouder, or happier, or who makes me feel more alive than you do.
You’re the most supportive, genuine person I’ve ever met and there isn’t an atom in your body that I don’t completely adore.
You’re it for me.

A year ago you picked me up
from a room full of strangers
whose accents
I couldn’t place.

Over the week you
watched me
and die
a little more each day.

You gave me back
a piece 
of me
each day after that.

You gave me back
my joy
my love
my hope
in people and in
the universe.

It doesn’t hurt
as much
these days
but when it does
(and it does)
I look to you.

You pick me up
and put
me back


I want you to know how absolutely stunning you are.
I want you to know how you light up a room, and how your smile is infectious.
I want you to know that your arms are more comfortable than any pillow, and that the sound of your voice is sweeter than anything I’ve ever heard.